A Secret Lookout: The Steep Stairs Beach

Hello Everyone, it’s Sarah today and I am going to let you in on a Nanaimo secret!

I grew up in Nanaimo and have an amazing Mom that took me to the beach or outside almost everyday that we could. The beaches around my parents house will always be the most amazing in the world to me. They are where I learned to swim, where my love for nature comes from, and where so many of my favourite childhood memories were made. One of the beaches near their house is at the end of a street in our neighbourhood where a set of stairs plunges very steeply down to the beach. I can’t remember who named it but we always refer to it as ‘The Steep Stairs Beach”. I also call it a secret lookout because it might be hard to find if you are not familiar with Nanaimo.

From the steep stairs beach you get a straight look out at Snake Island, a great view of Gabriola Island, Newcastle Island, and the whole straight. There are so many amazing creatures to be found at the beach as well. The beach is rocky and the waves splash in sending white frothy water shooting into the air. The other amazing thing about the beach is that the ferry leaves and enters very close, giving you a view of the majesty of it. The ferry waves also put on quite an amazing show when they crash into the shore.

If you want to go to the beach, just turn onto Stephensons Point road off of Hammond Bay road and follow it to the end. Then follows the steep stairs right down to the beach.

~ Sarah

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