EQ Profile: Free Spirit

Happy Thursday!

Have you ever wondered what type of traveller you are? Whether you’re more of a history buff, or perhaps a thrill-seeker? The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has created this handy dandy quiz to help you better understand exactly what type of traveller you are. We’ve decided to customize an example itinerary for each of the nine traveller types starting with Free Spirits. We’ll be posting itineraries throughout the summer, so if you’re not a Free Spirit, do not fret! We’ll have an itinerary for you soon.

According to the CTC, if you’re Free Spirit, you are:

Something of a thrill-seeking hedonist, travel satisfies your insatiable need for the exciting and the exotic.   You like the best of everything and want to be surrounded by others who feel the same way.   You have a lot of energy and want to see and do everything.  It all adds to the fun!   Young, or young-at-heart, you travel for the thrill and emotional charge of doing things.   You just can’t stay at home.   Why would you?!

Free Spirits are most likely to be seen at a tourism hot spot, participating in a group tour, staying in a luxury hotel, dining out at a top restaurant,  and going out for a night on the town in a local night club. Here are our ideas for you fun-loving, adventurous Free Spirits!

Tourism Hot Spot & Group Tour: Newcastle Paddleboard Lunch Tour

Credit: Tourism Nanaimo

Credit: Tourism Nanaimo

So you’ve just arrived in Nanaimo and you’re looking for something adventurous to do! Alberni Outpost offers a number of great adventures for you to partake in. Our suggestion? The Newcastle Paddleboard Lunch Tour. This tour runs from April 5th to September 13th on Saturdays from 11am-3pm. Alberni Outpost will take you around the scenic Nanaimo Harbour as you explore the shores of Newcastle Island. No need to worry about bringing your own meal, this tour includes a shore lunch!

Credit: Tourism Nanaimo

Credit: Cinnabar Vista Productions/Tourism Nanaimo

Luxury Hotel: Coast Bastion Hotel

Once you’ve paddled your way around the Harbour, it’s time to check-in to your luxury hotel. The Coast Bastion is located right in the heart of Downtown Nanaimo and boasts beautiful scenic views of the harbour. Complete with a fitness centre and the Pure Spa & Oxygen Bar, the Coast Bastion has all the amenities you’ll need. Plus, not only are they pet-friendly, but the Coast Bastion are pet lovers! They can accommodate you and your furry one(s) for a nominal nightly pet fee.

Credit: Coast Bastion

Credit: Coast Bastion

Top Restaurant: Hill Top Bistro

Once you’ve settled in to your hotel room, take some time to stroll along Commercial Street. Here you’ll find tons of amazing shops, cafes, and local eateries. There are plenty of great restaurants in Downtown Nanaimo, however, for you top restauranteurs, we suggest the Hill Top Bistro.

Located on top of Rutherford Hill, the Hill Top Bistro has a menu to die for. In fact, Hill Top was voted as 2013’s best restaurant on Vancouver Island! Reservations here are recommended, so be sure to reserve your spot for a meal you won’t forget!

Night Club: Level Two

After dinner, we suggest you head back Downtown for a dusk-lit stroll along the Harbourfront Walkway.

On Saturday’s there’s usually great local buskers – from guitarists to marimba bands, there’s always great music to be heard on the waterfront! If you’re still looking for more nightlife action, we suggest hitting up Level Two for some great dancing! Level Two always has terrific dj’s playing tunes that will surely get you into the groove.

Credit: Elephant Room Photography/Tourism Nanaimo

Credit: Elephant Room Photography/Tourism Nanaimo

That wraps up our itinerary for all you Free Spirits! The above ideas are merely suggestions for you to consider. There’s much, much more to explore in Nanaimo! Plus, even if you aren’t a Free Spirit, why not try out some (or all!) of the suggestions on this list?! There is great fun to be had!

For more information, check out our Free Spirit tag for more ideas on things to see and do in Nanaimo!

– Sean & Sarah

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