Beaches, Tidal Pools & Local History!

Hey everyone!

This past week, with the beautiful weather we’ve had, I decided to head to some of our local parks, Neck Point Park and Pipers Lagoon, to soak up some sun!

Neck Point Park is a gorgeous 36 acre waterfront park found at the end of Morningside drive just off of Hammond Bay Road. If you’re a lover of beaches look no farther, Neck Point has four beaches for the public to explore; Finn Beach, Indian Beach, Sunset Beach, and Lastly Last Beach! If you’re a history buff you’re in for a treat at Neck Point, throughout the park there are many signs that will let you know about the history of the area as well as the local flora and fauna!

Fun Fact! Neck Point Park, before it became a park, was the vacation hot spot for Nanaimo locals, up to 15 permanent cabins were built on the beaches during the 1930’s!

In addition to beautiful scenery and a chance to learn more about Nanaimo history, there are heaps of tidal pools to explore and rocks to climbs for the young and young at heart (like myself).


The second park I explored was Pipers Lagoon! This would be phenomenal place to watch the sunrise; this 9 acre waterfront park is found at the end of Place Road, again off of Hammond Bay Road. The park is based on a rocky spit which protects Piper’s Lagoon. There are many trails to explore as well as secluded beaches that let you forget you’re just outside of the city.


Pipers Lagoon is a great place for wildlife photography, with an abundance of birds and stunning scenery!

These are two of my favourite parks in Nanaimo, what are yours? Let us know in the comments below!

– Jenna

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