Kayaking Hot Spots in Nanaimo

Hey y’all.

Since the weather is getting nicer, I decided it’s time to bring out the old kayak!

I like to start slow, especially since I haven’t been kayaking in about a year and am still pretty new at it!


Kayaking around Newcastle Island with Alberni Outpost

A great place for beginning kayakers is Diver Lake Park. It’s a smaller lake so beginning kayakers can easily go around the lake at least once. But hey, if kayaking isn’t your thing, you can canoe, paddleboard, or even bring an electric motorized boat in for fishing. Lots of Rainbow Trout to be had here! The awesome thing about Diver Lake Park, is that it isn’t just a lake, there are beautiful walking trails, a playground, wildlife viewing, and even a fitness circuit and BMX track!

After getting my paddle wet and easing myself back into kayaking, I took the short drive over to Long Lake. This lake is larger than Diver Lake, but still totally doable for beginners. I usually just stay in the part of the lake that is near the highway, which has the perfect launch area. There are many lake front properties along the water, and many people have speed boats with tubes and jet-skiiers trailing behind. This can make kayaking on the lake a little more fun…if you like a bumpier ride! Again, if kayaking isn’t your thing, there is a swimming area with a dock for those hot days. There is also plenty of Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout to be snatched up!


Photo Credit Cinnabar Vista Productions

Now that I had reminded myself how much I love kayaking, I decided that I need to hit the open ocean! (when I say open I really mean as close to the shoreline as possible haha!). Departure Bay is a nice area for open ocean kayaking (even paddleboarding!)

My next kayak adventure will be to Gabriola Island to explore some tidal pools and see some wildlife!


Silva Bay Kayak Adventures Gabriola Photo Credit Cinnabar Vista Productions

Credit: Tourism Nanaimo

Starfish along Newcastle Island | Credit: Tourism Nanaimo

Where do you enjoy kayaking? Or is canoeing more your thing? Let us know in the comments below!


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