EQ Profile: Gentle Explorer

Hello everyone, today gives you another chance to find out what kind of traveler you are and a peak into a sample itinerary if you are a Gentle Explorer! Over the course of this summer we are going to be showcasing each of the 9 Traveller Types, as outlined by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC). Last week we wrote about the Cultural Explorer and this week we’re going to talk about the Gentle Explorer! To find out what kind of traveller you are, be sure to take the handy dandy quiz here! According to the CTC, if you’re a Gentle Explorer, you:

like returning to past destinations and enjoy the security of familiar surroundings.   You seek the most comfortable places when you get away and avoid the unknown.   Well-organized travel packages and guided tours that take care of all the details appeal to you – travel should be fun, not extra work! And if it’s fun, chances are you’ll be back

Gentle Explorer’s prefer hanging out at hotel pools, in the hottest hotels. Getting pampered at the spa is a real treat after a long day of organized tours! Apart from the spa and tours, GE’s can be spotted fishing or golfing, or even at some of the city’s main attractions!

Organized Fishing Tour: Invictus Charters

Start your day off bright and early on the open sea on a fishing charter with Invictus Charters! Vancouver Island has some of the best fishing in the world and with our mild climate that means 365 days of fishing. Gerry from Invictus Charters will take you out on a guided fishing tour to catch anything that you could think of, in a safe, fun and exciting trip on one of his many vessels. Be assured that he will make this a trip that you will never forget out on the beautiful coastal waters of Nanaimo and Vancouver Island!

Spa: Kiyo Salon & Day Spa

Next, come and spend the day at Kiyo Salon & Day Spa, pampering yourself from head to toe. You’ll need it after an early morning on the sea! Relax in Kiyo’s tranquil spa with a famous Nanaimo Bar Pedicure, boasting scents such as french vanilla, coconut, and chocolate leaving you smelling amazing and hungry for a real Nanaimo Bar. Why not freshen up your look while you’re there with a new haircut or fresh new highlights? Haircuts or pedicures not your fancy? Kiyo’s offers many other services such as scrubs, massages, manicures and sugar waxing!

Modern Cafe Once you’ve pampered and are feeling refreshed, it’s time to head back to downtown. There are many great restaurants in downtown to catch a bite to eat – our suggestion? Modern Cafe! Established in 1946, Modern Cafe is steeped in history. If you enjoy old world with a mix of new, you’ll love this space – exposed brick, polished wood, and comfy leather all come together to create an exciting and inviting environment. And the food? Delish. From tapas, to fresh fish, to a twist on the classic Mac ‘n Cheese, you’ll have a hard time settling on just one dish!

Main Attraction: The Harborfront Walkway

Nanaimo features an amazing harbourfront walkway that meanders along the bustling coastal waters in the downtown area. As you walk stop in at one of the many restaurants located along the walkway. Some of them are floating on the water, others nestled into buildings along the walkway and others out on stilts above the water, After dinner continue down the harbourfront and pick up a specialty ice cream for dessert. Continue on and stop at the crabbing dock to see what people are catching. If you have kids make sure to check out the amazing park at Sya-A-lana Lagoon.

Cottage: Millstone Manor Bed and Breakfast

Now for the perfect end to the perfect day! Time to seek refuse and tranquility at the serene Millstone Manor B&B. Millstone Manor houses a beautiful room in the bottom floor of the lovely hosts house as well as cute and well appointed cottage called “The Gate House” on the same property, For a Gentle Explorer this is the perfect place to be find solitude after a day of exploring. Read what two German visitors have to say about their stay at “The Gate House”:

“Our two nights in the Gate House were the best we have had so far on our trip through all of Canada!  Everything was wonderful, comfortable & warm.  We love the thoughtful and detailed interior just as the tasty breakfasts.  We wished we would have stayed longer in this little home away from home!  Thank you for everything, we hope to return some day”
Kershin, Sven, Stephan & Heike, Germany (via Millstone Manor)
Credit: Sean Helmn

Credit: Sean Helmn / Tourism Nanaimo

That wraps up our itinerary for all you Gentle Explorers! Even though this is a sample itinerary for a Gentle Explorer, these are activities that any traveler type could enjoy. There are many more things to do in Nanaimo as well. Check out some of our other post on Explore Nanaimo for even more ideas!

Sarah & Sean

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