A Day In Lantzville

Lantzville is a sweet little sea-side town nestled just north of Nanaimo. You can wind down the main road and visit pubs, restaurants, beaches and the Sunday Farmers’ Market. The Market happens every Sunday from 1:30 to 4 and offers up many amazing goodies to find. You can buy local fresh ingredients, chocolates, pastries, crafts, plants and much much more.

Heading down Lantzville Road on your left you’ll see a little shopping centre. There you will find Riso, “a great dining experience brought to you by passionate people using local ingredients and classic technique.” (Riso Website) You will also find an amazing brick oven that they cook delicious pizza’s and bread in. Come in for brunch, lunch or a beautiful dinner at Riso.

If you are visiting Nanaimo come to Lantzville on Sunday and head to the Farmers Market happening from 1:30-4 then try Riso! Afterwards take a stroll on Sebastion Beach or catch the sunet on one of the many other beaches in town!

~ Sarah

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