EQ Profile: Rejuvenator

Hello Everyone! This summer we are featuring example itineraries for the different EQ profiles outlined by the Canadian Tourism Commission. If you want to find out what kind of traveller type you are you can take the fun quiz (here)

Today’s EQ profile is the Rejuvenator! This EQ type traveller likes to get their rest and relaxation, to disconnect and “get away from it all” According to the CTC you:

usually take short vacations to familiar places, often for family visits and celebrations.  While you might seek out destinations with a few interesting things to see and do, you don’t want an overly-hectic schedule of events.  After all, travel is meant to be relaxing, not extra work!

You are family-oriented, traditional, ambitious, impulsive, relaxed and social. Underneath are some example activities that would please a rejuvenator. If you are a rejuvenator buckle up, and take notes so you can try some of these awesome things that Nanaimo has to offer.

Spa: Maffeo Salon and Day Spa

Voted “Best Salon in the City”, Maffeo Salon and Day Spa is located in a charming heritage home in downtown Nanaimo. From salon services to esthetic services, this salon ensures you enjoy your relaxation time by providing the best possible service from their talented team of skilled professionals. Hair treatments, waxing, massages, and make-up application are just a few of the many services offered here. So why not pamper yourself after a long day of exploring Nanaimo at Nanaimo’s “Best Beauty Salon” – Maffeo Salon and Day Spa?!

Restaurant: Bistro at Westwood Lake

One of Nanaimo’s few upscale bistro’s, the Bistro at Westwood Lake is the perfect place for a relaxing night out. Overlooking the picturesque Westwood Lake, this bistro offers views from both their spacious dining room, as well as their patio – perfect for those warm summer nights! The Bistro at Westwood Lake is open for lunch and dinner, and, in addition to their standard menu, this bistro offers a kid’s menu and a three-course dinner menu! From starters such as Spicy Asparagus Soup, to entrees like their Wild Spring Salmon, even down to their delicious desserts (try the Lemon Semifreddo – perfect for summer!), the Bistro at Westwood Lake is the stop for all you Rejuvenators!

Reservations are recommended here, so make sure to plan ahead!

Casino: Casino Nanaimo

Casino Nanaimo is located in the beautiful downtown area. They have a variety of activities to enjoy including table games, slots, promotions, encores, and a racebook. They have a restaurant in the casino that serves wonderful  lunches and dinners. The Casino is having a guest appreciation day on July 24th with the chance to win a $4000.00 cash prize!

Organized Tour: Paddleboarding Adventure Tour



Tours are anywhere from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours and range from ocean to river to lake. You can learn how to paddleboard and take a guided tour to check out some of Nanaimo’s beautiful scenery. If you’re an avid adventurer or have paddle boarded before you can rent one and find a spot for yourself to explore. For further details contact Van Isle Paddleboarding for yourself or check out their website (here)!

That wraps up our itinerary for all you Rejuvenators! Even though this is a sample itinerary for a Rejuvenator, these are activities that any traveler type could enjoy. There are many more things to do in Nanaimo as well. Check out some of our other post on Explore Nanaimo for even more ideas!

– Sarah & Sean

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