Outdoor Stores in Nanaimo

Hey everybody!

With all of our parks in Nanaimo and our easy access to any body of water of our choice, Westwood Lake, Long Lake, the Nanaimo River, or the ocean, it’s a given that we would need to have our fair share of great outdoor stores to choose from!

Within Nanaimo we have four large stores, Atmosphere, Valhalla Pure Outfitters, Wholesale Sports, Alberni Outpost, and we are soon to be adding a fifth Cabela’s. While all of these stores offer similar items a few specialize in specific sports and activities!

If you are wanting to spend the day out on the water, Alberni Outpost has specialized in water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding, by having a secondary location, in Departure Bay, where you are able to do day or hour rentals!

If you wanting to have some help with any rock climbing questions or tips, Valhalla Pure is the place that has been able to help me the most!

The largest selections from all the stores, is without a doubt Wholesale Sports which is the largest sporting goods store in Nanaimo!

Which is your favourite outdoor store?

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