EQ Profile: Personal History Explorer

Hello Everyone! If you have been following along you know that every couple of weeks we feature a new EQ Profile Traveller Type. We suggest an itinerary that we think fits the traveller type and give suggestions of new things for people to try in and around Nanaimo. If you want to see more post about the different traveller types you can see those (here)!

This week we are featuring the Personal History Explorer. The PHE travels to gain a better understanding of their heritage and where they came from.  If you are a PHE most likey:

Your travel tends to be a shared experience, both during and after the trip.  You feel safer when you stay at branded hotels and like to travel in style, comfort and security.  You like to visit all of the important landmarks, so a carefully planned schedule, often as a part of a group tour, ensures experiences of a lifetime.

If you’re a PHE you are conforming, traditional, ambitious, aspiring, anxious, social and family-oriented.

Organized Tours & Museum: A Walk Through Time

Walk Through Time

This is a self guided historical walking tour that takes you on all around down town Nanaimo by foot. With the choice of following a few different routes you can explore. This self-guided tour leads you by many of Nanaimo’s historical buildings including our old city hall, court house, coal mining sites and much much more. Pick one of these up at our Visitor Centres.

Hotel: Best Western Dorchester Plus

Staying at the Dorchester will fit the PHE’s taste for branded hotel as it is a best western plus with a little bit of a historical twist. New inside with all the amenities it still has some of the charm that heritage buildings can have. A grand entrance and restaurant make this stay very comfortable for a PHE.

Top Restaurant: The Nest Bistro

Tucked away on Franklin Street this is one of Nanaimo’s neatest restaurants. Amazing food and a small and intimate setting make The Nest Bistro Stand out. Walk here from the Dorchester and take in the historical sights as you stroll down Bastion Street.

Shopping: The Old City Quarter

The OCQ is a perfect place to spend time wandering from shop to shop and grabbing a coffee (and a Nanaimo bar or cupcake!) These older building host newer local shops now most of which are unique to Nanaimo.

– Sarah



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