Get to Know the Tourism Nanaimo Staff: Megan

Happy Monday readers!

For the last little while we’ve been introducing you to members of our team via a questionnaire on some of their favourite Nanaimo things. Last time we met Lesley, Tourism Nanaimo’s Executive Director of Destination Management. Today we welcome back Megan Beauregard, our Stakeholder and Communications Specialist, who comes back from maternity leave on Wednesday!

Megan enjoying a nice spot of sushi at Nanaimo's Nori Japanese Restaurant!

Megan enjoying a nice spot of sushi at Nanaimo’s Nori Japanese Restaurant!

In your opinion, what is Nanaimo’s best kept secret?

It’s hard to pin point one best kept secret, but the view from Sugarloaf is one of my favourites. It’s a great spot to watch the fireworks on May Long weekend or Bathtub Weekend, and also a fun spot to stargaze over Departure Bay beach. With the moon reflecting on the water, it’s one of my go-to places for someone seeking solitude.

What’s your favourite festival or event in Nanaimo and why?

My favourite festival/event in Nanaimo is a toss-up between the VIEX and the Marine Festival. I have so many memories of the bathtub races as a kid…I was born on bathtub weekend even! I remember my brother and I being the only kids in the beer garden at the Civic Arena because our dad played in the band and feeling pretty darn cool. The VIEX is such a fun atmosphere – country fair meets urban entertainment. And don’t get me started on the food and mini donuts!!

What’s your favourite season to explore Nanaimo/the Island and why?

My favourite season is fall but I really love to explore the parks and trails in spring here in Nanaimo. There are so many different flowers and plants to see and with our spring showers it’s the perfect time to throw on the Gortex and get outside! That’s one thing I love about being an Islander – a little bit of rain hardly ever dampens anything, We are so used to it here that it doesn’t affect our itineraries when it shows up unexpectedly.

What’s the most interesting/surprising thing you’ve learned about Nanaimo since working for Tourism Nanaimo?

Some of the most interesting things I’ve learned about Nanaimo since working for TN include the stories about Brother VII, the hauntings and haunted places around the city and learning all about historical buildings and places, including Morden Mine and some of the first houses in the city. I love looking at old pictures to see what certain blocks used to look like and how they’ve transformed over the years. Our city sure looks different!

Thanks Megan! Check back in two weeks when we get to know Sam!

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