Deutsche Geheimtips in Nanaimo (German Tips in Nanaimo)

Helga here!

Germans are famous for their beer, sausages, and cars. But every German living here will tell you the one thing they miss is the German bread. I’ve lived in Nanaimo for four years and I am still perfecting the German homemade bread baking. Luckily we have the Columbia Bakery on Bowen Rd. So whether you’re craving a German rye bread, a traditional Pretzel (German: Brezel) or some sweet treats, this bakery should definitely be on your radar. The Brezeln are extremely popular and you need to be quick if you want to get one, or order ahead of time.

german blog 1

The Brezl

Insider Tip: you can also get Gelbwurst (German Lyoner sausage) here, that tastes like it does back home. Bonus!

Now. Let’s talk some more sausage.

Nesvog Meats is a pretty good place to start when you’re looking for sausages. They have a whole variety that ranges from traditional German sausages like the Bratwurst, to some more innovative German inspired flavours like the Octoberfest Sausage.

Visit Nesvog’s and the Columbia Bakery for real German traditions

They also have a large store section where you can find European Specialities and Delicatessen (Sauerkraut, pickled beetroots and Sauerkirschen im Glas, to name a few German ones).


Mmm sausage

During the summer months you can also find some seasonal vendors selling German cakes and treats, such as Oh Happy Cake, at the local farmers’ markets. They specialize in traditional German family recipes. If you get the chance you should try their Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake, it is delicious!


Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake {Photo cred: Oh Happy Cake}


Tasty German treats {Photo cred: Oh Happy Cake}

If you know the right spots are can basically get everything German in Nanaimo. If you are looking for anything specific, let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

Guten Appetit!


3 thoughts on “Deutsche Geheimtips in Nanaimo (German Tips in Nanaimo)

  1. Hi Helga! I will be visiting Nanaimo over the holidays and will be on the hunt for authentic german pastries like Bienenstich & Mohn brot, Marzipan, etc! Just typing it made me drool lol…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


    • Hi Susan,

      The Columbia Bakery usually always have Bienenstich and other freshly baked German Christmas cookies. They as well as the Nanaimo Bakery also have a small Delicatessen section, where you will most likely find Marzipan, Lebkuchen and other seasonal goodies. If you don’t get a chance to make it to one of the bakeries, many of the grocery stores in town carry Lebkuchen, Stollen and Marzipan around Christmas in their seasonal displays. I hope you enjoy your stay here around Christmas and bring some authentic German food to the table. I can’t wait myself for Plaetzchenzeit! ~Helga


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