Snorkeling with the Seals

Hi all – Liam again!

There is nothing quite like snorkeling in Nanaimo as opposed to a more tropical locale. The unique underwater sea life you can only find on the West Coast is a sight to behold in the water. Being with Tourism Nanaimo and being able to take advantage of this snorkeling opportunity with Sundown Diving and the master of diving/snorkeling Ed, was an experience I couldn’t pass up. Sundown Diving is located right downtown Nanaimo and their snorkeling tours don’t require you to bring much… just a bathing suit! The rest is provided when you get there (full wet-suit, gloves, boots, flippers, mask, and snorkel).

Boat ride out to Snake Island with Ed and other guests

The snorkeling takes place off of Snake Island, only a short scenic trip through the harbour from where Ed docks his boat.  This offers lots of opportunities to get some scenic shots of Nanaimo’s harbourfront. Upon arriving, you are greeted to the sounds of seals splashing and playing. A lot of times the seals can be very friendly, as they are interested in why exactly you have come onto their turf. They want to play with you and come swim right in front of you, even some of them doing cool spins to show off! Other times, however, they can be a little more reserved and can even shy away. The closer you get the more they will start moving away from you. Our group picked a good day to be out on the ocean, as the seals were more than happy to check us out. It was tough keeping your eyes on all the action underneath the water, as seals were constantly darting past you left and right. This is definitely an experience I won’t forget.

Snorkle with the seals around Nanaimo

Snorkel with the seals around Nanaimo

Apart from snorkeling with the seals, Sundown Diving also offers Scuba Diving Trips. These scuba diving trips consist of natural reef dives and artificial reef dives. The natural reef dives are Four-Fathom Reef, Jesse Island, Snake Island Wall, Orlebar Point, and Clark Rock. The artificial reef dives are the HMCS Saskatchewan, the HMCS Cape Breton, and the Rivtow Lion.

The HMCS Cape Breton & The Rivtow Lion

I also made the world’s fastest video of me in the water snorkeling before the GoPro died – note to self, charge fully before going out!

Snorkeling with seals made for a wonderful day and I can’t wait to try out a scuba dive hopefully in the future. See you on the water!



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