Hiking Jurassic Park — er, I mean Cable Bay Trail

Hey guys! Jenna here.

One sunny warm evening Laura, and few friends and I decided to pile into our cars and drive to Cedar to check out the Cable Bay Trail. My one suggestion for finding your way to the trail is to not put your trust in Google Maps (I know what we all will do!) Instead, to find the Cable Bay Trail head you will need to find your way onto MacMillan Rd and turn onto Holden Corso Rd (which switches into Barnes Rd) and take a final left hand turn onto Nicola Rd where you will find the gravel parking lot.

Directions to Cable Bay

Directions to Cable Bay

The Cable Bay Trail Park is one of Nanaimo’s best off leash dog parks, as well as a beautiful and peaceful forested park. The short 2km walk (one way) winds through the forest and finally opens up to a stunning view of Dodd Narrows. The trail has a distinctly Jurassic Park feel and for good reason! Someone has hidden a number of small dinosaurs throughout the trail.  Bring a piece of paper and tally how many hidden dinosaurs you can spot; hunting for dinos in the woods is a perfect way to entertain a group of kids this summer!

Cable Bay dinosaurs - photo via Kait's Quirks

Cable Bay dinosaurs – photo via Kait’s Quirks

After a day at work, being outside in the warm evening air was fantastic! We played and climbed around on the rocks for a while and fought to keep my dog, Quincy, out of the water,finally relaxing by watching the sunset before hiking back out to the car.


My dog Quincy taking in the views!

The Cable Bay Trail was a great choice for our spontaneous evening hike, and I would highly recommend everyone go checkout the park. I think I have found my new summer relaxation spot!

Beach at Cable Bay

Beach at Cable Bay


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