The VIEX, a Country Fair

The Vancouver Island Exhibition (VIEX)

The VIEX  in Nanaimo is one of the oldest and largest events in the community, dating back to over 120 years of fun for all ages, as it includes everything from live music, animals, rides and arts and crafts for kids. With the Exhibition spanning across three days, it gives you ample time to check out all that is being offered. It starts on the Friday Aug.21st and ends on the Sunday Aug.23rd. Many of the attractions and events can be found on the website: including the returning attractions and some of the new live music shows, such as the “Kandle & the Krooks” on Friday at 5pm, the “Femme Fatales” at 5pm on Saturday and Aaron Pritchett wrapping it up on Sunday at 3pm. They are surely going to make a lot of noise and you will not want to miss it.

IMG_8431 IMG_8488

With it taking place at Beban Park surely everyone who goes will get their vitamin D for the weekend, as it is supposed to be another lovely and wonderful sunshine filled three days. Admission for the Exhibition has children 6 and under as free for the weekend, you can get a three day pass which is $22, or you can pay the $8 per day for youths and $11 per day for adults. There is a senior and special needs discount for Friday as the ticket is only $4 and care aids are free. On the Saturday and Sunday the tickets are $7. One of the more interesting attractions is the Haunted House, presented by Island Haunt productions. Tour the “Facility” as you find yourself weaving and maneuvering in the dark, what waits you however you will have to go to find out. This will be sure to give you a “jump” to getting in the Halloween spirit early.

IMG_8402 A006_C026_0819WR

If you love dogs and seeing them perform, check out the Nanaimo Kennel Club’s annual activities. The agility competition with the returning MUSICAL freestyle obedience from last year has been a hit and has made for some funny moments. The Vancouver Island Country Fair definitely has something for everyone, no matter what you are looking for. The events and activities are wide-ranging allowing for families as well as seniors to get out for a day of fun. With summer winding down, the VIEX is the thing to do if you want to end your summer with a bang. Come out and #ExploreNanaimo’s fantastic three day VIEX.

A006_C036_0819M7 IMG_8513

See you there!

— Liam

One thought on “The VIEX, a Country Fair

  1. Hi there, just wondering about the NKC events. You say that you can bring your dog and join in, but I emailed someone earlier asking if I was able to join in the activities such as agility with my dog and they said no, that the events were demonstrations only by members of the kennel club and not open to join. Is there any way you could clarify which is correct? I would love to bring my dog and join in on the Kennel Club activities!


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