Day Trip: Hole in the Wall

Hey y’all!

Since I finally got a reliable vehicle, my boyfriend and I decided to take an adventure on our one day off together. We stopped by the Visitor Centre to grab a Backroad Mapbook just in case we wanted to get real adventurous. We decided we would check out the “Hole in the Wall” in Port Alberni. I had heard about this little place on a Facebook group called “TAKE A HIKE: Vancouver Island”. This group is a really reliable source for info on little and big hikes throughout Vancouver Island.

20150819_132214 20150819_132406

“Hole in the Wall” is located across from Coombs Country Candy on Hwy 4. Make sure you don’t get this confused with Coombs Country Market (with the Goats on the Roof). It took us about an hour and a half to get to “Hole in the Wall”. The drive out this way is really nice and scenic, driving past Little Qualicum Falls, Cameron Lake and Cathedral Grove/MacMillan Provincial Park. When you arrive to Hole in the Wall, you’ll see Coombs Country Candy first. You can either park in there, or loop around the parking lot and park on the highway heading back towards Nanaimo, right beside Hole in the Wall entrance. The walk in was pretty easy, mostly downhill on hard packed dirt. Make sure when you get to the fork that you take a left, this will lead you to it. We took a quick dip, the water was the perfect temperature and the waterfall was amazing! If you walk along the rest of the creek, there are a bunch of rock statues that people have made, it looks like a little art gallery. We also saw three adorable little frogs!

20150819_133324    20150819_134335 1    20150819_141911 1

After our little hike to the Hole in the Wall, we stopped in at Cameron Lake to test the temperature there: also perfect! Cameron Lake is a fantastic place to go swimming, canoeing or kayaking, which we saw many people doing.

Beautiful Cameron Lake

Beautiful Cameron Lake

Next stop was the Qualicum Trading Post. I have driven past here numerous times and have always wanted to stop in but never have. There is a teepee outside so you can’t miss it. This store has an abundance of First Nations art, clothing, jewelry, bedding, everything really. We ended up buying some soap made on Vancouver Island that smelt amazing (Blackberries & Sage!).

20150819_150809      20150819_152749      20150819_151401

Coombs Country Market was next on the agenda. This is a must stop as there are so many cool, crazy things here. The best though? The ice cream cones you get that are the size of your face (and that’s just ONE scoop). What’s even better than the giant ice creams? The goats that live on the roof of the market of course! From the goat topped market we grabbed some fresh produce, local sauces and candied salmon for dinner the next day.

20150819_161640 icecreamimg

Our final stop of the day was in Qualicum Beach. I love the ocean so anytime I can drive by it, or be in it, I will. If you take Hwy 19A off of Hwy 4, this will take you on the scenic route. Good news, the water temperature here was also perfect!

20150819_165940              20150819_165320

Got any other ideas for me for day trips out of Nanaimo? Let me know!



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