Canadian Comfort Food: Finding the Perfect Poutine in Nanaimo

Hey y’all. It’s the start of comfort food season. One comfort food I love, a Canadian classic…poutine of course! I went around Nanaimo and here are three of my favourite ones I tried:


  1. Pirate Chips

This place has been around for over 10 years now. I remember the first time going here, and being served such a HUGE poutine. My friends started calling them shoebox poutines cause you get so much in the box (get it to go and you’ll see why!) Anyways, Pirate Chips is a definite stop for poutine. Fresh, house-cut, extra crispy fries with gravy and Armstrong BC cheese curds…and they really mean it with their slogan when they say “the proof is in the poutine!”

Pirate Chips Poutine

Pirate Chips Poutine

TIP: If you’re looking for a little extra in your Poutine, I sometimes get what they used to call a “Poutine with Love”…or just ask for fakin’ bits, green onion and chipotle sauce 😉

  1. Smokin’ Georges BBQ

Similar to Pirate Chips, I have been going here since it first opened. Their poutine isn’t your regular Canadian poutine, it has a twist. It features not only gravy and cheese curds, but pulled pork as well! I also highly recommend a squirt or 10 of their amazingly delicious BBQ sauce to go along with your meal. And trust me – it’s definitely a MEAL!

Smokin Georges BBQ nANAIMO

Smokin Georges BBQ Nanaimo

Smokin’ Georges BBQ Pulled Pork Poutine

TIP: Save room for dessert & finish off with a Bacon Topped Nanaimo Bar! There are two delicious versions to choose from…both made in-house and covered in bacon mmm 🙂

Left: the Dulche de Leche Nanaimo Bar & the Maple Topped Bacon Nanaimo Bar @ Smokin' Georges BBQ

The Dulche de Leche Nanaimo Bar & the Maple Topped Bacon Nanaimo Bar @ Smokin’ Georges BBQ

  1. The Taphouse Restaurant

This is a fairly new restaurant in Nanaimo located downtown, in the old Fibber McGees location (inside the old train station on Selby Street). I have already been here twice, and both times ordered their poutine. The first time I had the BBQ Poutine, and the second time I had the regular. Both times there were no disappointments. Super crispy fries and a yummy gravy and cheese curds from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks – can it get any better than that?! For all you vegetarians out there, the Mushroom Poutine is just for you and for those more adventurous, definitely try the Pepperoni Pizza Poutine!

20150918_192526    20150918_194733

TIP: They have multiple different kinds of poutine AND their beer here is amazingly priced, only $7 for local and imports! Whaaat!

Where in town is YOUR favourite poutine dish? Have I missed a spot worth mentioning?

Til next time fellow foodies,



2 thoughts on “Canadian Comfort Food: Finding the Perfect Poutine in Nanaimo

  1. Try Just Fries… If you see them around. They are a food trailer and they never let me down.. .p.s pirate chips have mozza sticks to die for!


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