There’s no place like foam.


Credit: 5K Foam Fest

A blog by Nancy Shields.

On Saturday, June 11, Vancouver Islanders prepared to get clean­ in the most popular and dirtiest way possible.

The 5K Foam Fest slid into the Arbutus Meadows Events and Equestrian Centre for what is essentially one big costume party as well as a 5K run with a bunch of crazy obstacles thrown in–just to up the fun factor.


Credit: Nancy Shields

I arrived to what felt like a giant party. Music was blaring, food trucks were bustling, and everywhere hundreds of excited particip
ants.  People were wearing an array of getups – from tutus, to wigs and capes, crowns, funny glasses, bunny ears and loud socks. They came in all ages and sizes and were ready to have fun – reminding me that fitness and fun don’t need any restrictions.


Credit: 5K Foam Fest


Credit: 5K Foam Fest


Credit: 5K Foam Fest

At the starting line, we were encouraged to dive into the foam and get dancing and that’s when I knew that the 5k Foam Fest was my kind of run. We were counted down by the MC and were off to the races.



Credit: 5K Foam Fest


What faced us were  crazy-sounding obstacles – like the Death Drop.  It’s one of the world’s largest inflatable slides which you have to slip and slide your way up and down. Other challenges included the Lily Pad sprint over a pond, the Chamber of Foam, a Cargo Climb and a Slip ‘n’ Slide.


Credit: 5K Foam Fest


Credit: Nancy Shields


Credit: Nancy Shields

I kept people whooping it up and cheers came from spectators and participants alike. On more than one occasion I heard, “This is so fun!” “I can’t believe I just did that, wow!” “I’m already thinking about next year!”

Seemed everyone was in the spirit and pumped about the Foam Fest.

As runners approached the finish line they were encouraged to join up with their teams and finish as one. Everyone was given the coveted 5k Foam Fest medal, a beach towel to help clean off the mud and foam, and finally, a refreshing popsicle.



Credit: Nancy Shields


Credit: 5K Foam Fest

Nobody wanted to leave the the festival grounds once the run was over. With food trucks, the Skyfall (a brave jump off a tall platform onto an airbag), and a kids area, why would they?

I felt the same way and know that I’ll definitely be back again next year.

For more fun festivals & events, check out See you at the next one!

– Nancy Shields
Content Manager, Seekers Media 


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