Get to Know the Tourism Staff: Evangeline

Let the fun continue! Today on the #ExploreNanaimo BLOG, we meet Evangeline. You’ll find Evangeline working hard in the Bastion or up at Northfield, or possibly even manning one of our booths at a local event. Stop her and say hi next time you see her!


In your opinion, what is Nanaimo’s best kept secret?

I believe Nanaimo’s best kept secrets are part of the Trans Canada Trail, the Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge & the Abyss. They are well known to some and unknown to others. When the bridges are built to connect the trail it’s sure to be a favorite trail for many!


Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge (South Nanaimo)


The Abyss (earthquake fissure)

What’s one place/event/activity in Nanaimo that you have not yet participated in but would love to one day?

One thing on my ‘To-Do’ list is to join a Dragonboat team for the Annual Dragonboat Festival here in Nanaimo. I have recently returned to school where I unexpectedly discovered a new love for the water. I have had a few amazing opportunities and obtained some certs for kayaking, canoeing & SUP along the way!! Being a coastal gal, on the water is where I love to be!!


Finding my happy place on the water

If a visitor was only in Nanaimo for one day, what would you recommend they must see?

That’s an easy one.. I’d definitely recommend one of our many parks or trails depending on the visitors interests; For the ocean views Jack Point Park, Piper’s Lagoon or Neck Point, for the freshwater views Colliery Dam Park, Westwood Lake or Buttertubs Marsh. Two of our favorite trails to do as a family are Neck Point Park, as it has the gnome homes(one even has a “Give a little ~ Take a little” sign for kids to trade little toys and trinkets) & the Cable Bay Trail as it is also known as the dinosaur trail (all plastic dinosaurs of course, for display only, please leave for the next little explorers 😉 ). It’s sooo hard just to pick one, all are amazing & are one of the main reasons of why we relocated to this beautiful city!


Piper’s Lagoon

 What’s the most interesting/surprising thing you’ve learned about Nanaimo since working for Tourism Nanaimo?

As many of my answers there’s no way to name just one.. Every day brings new surprises!! Whether it’s a new hike, a new family activity, a new swimming hole, or a new destination, this job reminds me every day of why we choose Nanaimo to be our family ‘home away from home’.


Having fun at Colliery Dam Park

Adventure on!





2 thoughts on “Get to Know the Tourism Staff: Evangeline

  1. Beautiful 💖 I’m so proud to see these blogs from Evangeline all I can say “you have what it takes to be in this field of tourism” I look forward to seen many more 👌 👌 keep up the great work 👍👍


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